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NYX AUDIO A13 3IN1 Earbud + Battery Bank + CIGARETTE LIGHTER

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865.00 Inclusive of all taxes

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm

Black, Grey, Rose Gold


NYX Audio


Brand Warranty

7 reviews for NYX AUDIO A13 3IN1 Earbud + Battery Bank + CIGARETTE LIGHTER

  1. Vidhut kapoor

    Small power bank and fast charging

  2. Arnav patel

    cigarettes lighter is Good Quality and first time I see this type of device

  3. Anil Thakur

    charging Fast in low battery.

  4. Anil Thakur

    fast charging.

  5. Varun Datt

    Nyx is best.
    Multi use in One Product.

  6. Kunal Roy

    Good Product with Best Features.

  7. Sourabh

    Good Sound Product in Power Bank

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NYX AUDIO A13 3IN1 Product with Single Bluetooth Earbud with finger Print Sensor

Everyone knows about the raykart an online shopping store, where can you get many offers on products. Recently we are giving offers on Nyx a13 audio wireless earbuds with free delivery on the raykart user. And raykart only has one online store, which does give the new NYX audio models soon on our website.

Nyx Audio A13 Single Earbud Benefits

Nyx audio a13 is a wireless single earbud with a good quality battery backup system. India’s new brand is Nyx audio, Which does give many high-quality brands and the latest wireless earbuds in India. But Nyx audio a13 and other NYX audio models are available on the raykart online store. This store sale many herbal products like amrita herbal tea, herbal green tea, herbal body care product, and herbal skincare products.

NYX A13 Product Description:

The wireless earphone is a high quality stereo wireless headphone which possesses wireless music, calling, radio and MP3 function. Appearance vogue beautiful designed, easy to carry, suitable for household, outdoor travel and other places, enjoy music anytime and anywhere. Provide, super perfect sound quality for your computer. Digital music players and mobile phones and soon audio visual products.

Function features:

♬【WIRELESS PLAY 】 support pairing wireless devices to play music such as mobile phone, tablet and TV.

♬【Hands-free calls 】 Support for hands-free call function, built in high sensitive microphones, making phone calls are carefree to enjoy.

♬【Function of Multi paring 】 Support to connect two mobile phones more convenient to use.

♬【Voice prompt 】 Coming calls It will prompt the phone number when you have a coming call, it is more convenient

♬【IOS battery Display 】 IOS mobile phone real time display the earphone battery, let you know the earphone battery

♬【Smart Power Off 】 It didn’t connect wireless mode, it will turn off automatically after 5 minutes, don’t worry about waste of electricity

♬【MP3 play 】 The TF and MP3 files directly.

♬【Radio 】 Digital Stereo audio, automatic search and memory radio save time and effort

♬【Audio Input 】 Stereo audio input ports, easy to connect the computer, digital music player, mobile phone and other audio visual product so on all kinds of audio sources.

♬【Rechargeable Lithium battery 】 The built in rechargeable lithium battery environmental protection, economical and practical

♬【Intelligent Charging 】When the battery is low voice prompt please charge. it will be automatically cut off power to avoid damage to the battery when full charge.


  1. Long Press on, the blue red light flashes, then enter the wireless pairing state. Again long press to power off, indicate light will be off. In listening to TF card music or mobile-phone music via wireless, short press this button the music was suspended short press again music from the new play. In Listening to the radio, short press for all automatic channels search platform and store the search to radio down (for the first time to use this headphones listening to the radio, please make a full channel searching operation.), it will take about 1 minutes to complete the whole channel searching time.
  2.  After the successful connection of the wireless and phone, when short press for answering the phone call, long press can refuse to answer the phone. After the call short press for hang-up, continue press two times will redial the last tie phone number.
  3. In listening to TF card music or mobile-phone music via wireless, long press for play the next song. Listening to the radio, long press to select the radio stations that broadcast the next stored. Short press for turning up the volume in any mode.
  4. In listening to TF card music or mobile-phone music via wireless, long press for selection play the previous song: Listening to the radio, long press to select radio stations that broadcast the previous stored Short press for turn down the volume in any mode.
    NOTE** Long press the >>| key and |<< key at the same time can switch to radio, wireless, TF card mode (only insert TF card can switch to the TF card mode) in turn.

More Features

  1. ♬【MICRO USB CHARGING PORTS】: Power input jack, can use the special charging cable from the standard package or the universal micro usb port charging cable of the mobile for charging
  2. ♬【Audio Input】 Use the audio input cable connect to the digital music player, mobile phone and other audio visual devices products so on all kinds of audio sources.
  3. ♬【TF CARD SLOT】 Insert the TF card to play the music
  4. Warranty 1 Month Working, No warranty on Lighter , To claim a Warranty please send email along with the customer. Name and order id at warranty@ within 15 days of purchase.

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