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4DOT technology Chaoba 2800 dryer

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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 9 cm



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24 reviews for 4DOT technology Chaoba 2800 dryer

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4DOT Technology Chaoba 2800 Dryer

Product Description

Hairdryer Instructions Operating Instructions Before Plugging In Check The Voltage On The Rating Label Corresponds To The Local Mains Voltage. A General Guide, Use The High Heat And Speed Setting For Rough Drying For Thicker Hair.
The Low Setting For Finer Hair And More Precise Control When Styling. The Cool Setting Can Be Used At The End To Set The Style. Wash And Condition The Hair, Then Gently Towel Dry Hair To Remove Excess Water.
Do Not Use The Hair Dryer On Hair That Is Dripping Wet. Start Styling At The Back Of The Hair And Work Forwards. Do Not Concentrate The Airflow On Any One Area For An Extended Period Of Time. Hair Dryer Settings Your Hair Dryer Has 3 Temperature Settings And 2 Speed Settings, Which Provide 6 Different Heat And Speed Variations Plus Cool Shot High Heat High Speed, Medium Heat Medium, Speed Low Heat – Low Speed.
Stiles Hair Dryer Comes With Special Feature Hot And Cold. So you can dry your wet hair quickly Or use the 1500 watt setting for styling your hair How to use
1. Make sure the power switch is in the r position plug the unit in and turn on the power switch.
2. Drying your hair after washing Set the power switch to “2” without attaching the nozzle. While your hair is still wet. press the turbo switch for maximum airflow
3. Hair setting Set the power switch to ” 2 ‘or ” 1 and attach the nozzle
4. Turn the power switch ” 0″ and unplug the unit Cautions
1. The electric power supply should come from a properly wired sew outlet. Also, check the capacity of the outlet and use the dryer separately from other equipment.
3. Never leave the dryer running.

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