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4DOT technology Card Knife

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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 9 cm



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 Credit Card Knife

Card Knife LIGHTWEIGHT  13 grams

ULTRA Dainty 2.2 mm thick

Well honed – Careful sharp edge innovation Card Knife with extra lengthy 65mm forefront guarantees longer enduring sharpness. Edge produced using top notch rust free hardened steel. Free testing research facility; CATRA granted Cardsharp penknife; Awesome status for sharpness (ICP mm) and life (TCC mm). Edge variety decision: Teflon Dark or Regular Brushed Hardened Steel.

Defensive grip seems when opened. At the point when docked in shut position, plan forestalls injury. Can’t crease coincidentally (as some collapsing folding knives). Sharp edge is locked unequivocally in open, cutting mode Card Knife with no edge quake permitting exact accuracy cutting.

WATERPROOF – Machine launderable with no pivoted parts to rust up like standard collapsing folding knives.

ECO Agreeable – Delicacy and evenness lessens capacity and transportation costs including carbon impression. Straightforward two section development with mechanized gathering saves producing waste.

PERMUTABILITY – Exceptionally reasonable for customization by cushion printing or undetectable name (printed 1-4 tone lithographic) as well as custom laser etching sharp edge – kindly email us on the off chance that you have an advancement request).

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