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4DOT Grip Tape Double-Sided Tape (3m)-JB135

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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 9 cm



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36 reviews for 4DOT Grip Tape Double-Sided Tape (3m)-JB135

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Product Description

Include Made of hard and tough quartz sand particles Grip Tape. Such particles are implanted in a high-strength, crosslinking, and environment-safe plastic film, which is one of the hardest known materials to date. At the point when the sticky tape is utilized, it has a strain delicate and solid grip, which can be immediately fortified and can be effortlessly joined to the outer layer of various challenging to connect.

At the point when we discuss utilizing tapes, the bond it offers is generally a hustle. The essential tapes don’t offer a lot of bonds and the grasp isn’t an area of strength for the. It’s exceptionally powerless and can’t keep weighty materials. Subsequent to blending imagination in with utility we got you these astounding grasp tapes.

They offer an extraordinary thickness to you and a Grip Tape excellent glue property. There’s really nothing that you can’t stick to and everything any place you need with no issues. The most astounding thing about it is that it is reusable. Whenever you have utilized the tape, you don’t have to discard it. You can wash it and use it for staying things somewhere else. Isn’t excessively astonishing? Presently, make coordinating things hustle-free with these idiosyncratic ivy grasp tapes!

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